Mia Down Alternative Pillow

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Mia Down Alternative Pillow


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About Jonela Pillows

At Jonela, we are committed to providing the most orthopedically correct pillow in accordance with one's shoulder to neck proportion and with consideration for sleeping position. Most people are sleeping on a pillow that is actually causing deterioration to the body rather than the much needed rest and recovery.

However, your pillow needs to provide the correct support in order for Skeletal Recovery to happen and to prevent/correct the common "Text Neck Syndrome."

Down Alternative Pillow Care

Pillows become stained and yellow because of body oil and drool that that winds up seeping through the pillowcase and directly onto the pillow. ... Pillow protectors provide an extra layer of protection on your sleeping pillow. Pillow protectors fight off dust mites and reduce infestations on your pillow.

Wash these pillows in the machine, using a cold water cycle and a very small amount of detergent. You can also tumble dry alternative-down pillows on a low setting.