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Emma Bamboo Pillow

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About Jonela Pillows

At Jonela, we are committed to providing the most orthopedically correct pillow in accordance with one's shoulder to neck proportion and with consideration for sleeping position. Most people are sleeping on a pillow that is actually causing deterioration to the body rather than the much needed rest and recovery.

However, your pillow needs to provide the correct support in order for Skeletal Recovery to happen and to prevent/correct the common "Text Neck Syndrome."

Down Pillow Care

Pillows become stained and yellow because of body oil and drool that seeps through the pillowcase and directly into the pillow. Protectors provide an extra layer of protection to fight off dust mites and reduce infestations. They also add years to life of your investment.

  • Before washing, remove the pillow case and cover, or protector. You will wash these separately with the sheets before placing them back on the clean pillows.
  • Set the washing machine on gentle, with a warm water temperature, and for the largest load cycle. Using a gentle liquid-type detergent. Add the required amount for a large load. As the water fills, place up to two pillows into the tub.
  • Before putting in dryer, you must be assured that all the detergent has been rinsed out. Although the wash cycle is completed, you will want may want to run the pillows through for an extra rinse cycle. Once the second rinse cycle is over, run two spin cycles to assure that all excess water has been wrung out.
  • Place the pillow(s) into the dryer and set on low to medium heat.
  • Take two tennis balls and place them each in a clean white sock and toss them into dryer. These will help fluff your pillow(s) when drying.
  • Set the dryer for 30 minutes and start. Every 30 minutes, you will want to check for dampness, especially deep in the center. Fluff the pillow(s) and repeat the drying time until fully dry.