Bedtime Booties

Banish cold feet for restful sleep.
The ultimate bedtime luxury for your feet!

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Bedtime Booties


Banish cold feet for restful sleep.
The ultimate bedtime luxury for your feet!

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About Bedtime Booties

Introducing Bedtime Booties - the ultimate bedtime luxury for your feet!

Crafted for unparalleled comfort, Bedtime Booties are specially designed duvets destined solely for your pre-sleep indulgence in bed. Imagine slipping into a world of warmth and relaxation as these cozy booties lovingly embrace your tired feet, ensuring a soothing experience before you drift into dreamland.

Featuring an ingeniously wide opening, these booties grant you the convenience of effortless removal without the hassle of stretching or reaching. Slip them off with utmost ease and bid goodnight to any discomfort.

Science reveals a hidden secret: cold feet subtly coax your body into an uncomfortable "brace" position, notably impacting your shoulders' relaxation and hindering the pursuit of a truly restful sleep. With Bedtime Booties, banish the chill and embrace the tranquility your body deserves for a rejuvenating slumber.

For bedtime bliss, these duvets boast a rubber-free bottom, emphasizing their dedicated use within the comforting confines of your bed. Residing under your pillow, they seamlessly integrate into your bedding ensemble, promising not just warmth but also effortless maintenance, as they wash harmoniously with your linens.

Elevate your bedtime routine with Bedtime Booties - where comfort meets innovation, ensuring that every night is a delightful journey into unparalleled relaxation and peaceful sleep.

Indulge your feet, indulge your dreams with Jonela’s Bedtime Booties!


Fabric Details

Filling: 90% Goose Down – 10% Goose Feather
Fabric: 100% Cotton, 233 TC, Featherproof Fabric

Made in TURKEY
EDFA-certified Hungarian Goose Down