pillows neck painJonela is an intensely personal brand.
In fact, it’s much more than a brand.
It’s a mission. A mission through which I share my love and appreciation of the true value of a good night’s sleep.

And it all starts with bed linen.
Cool, crisp, white bed linen.

I arrived in Istanbul 27 years ago.
One of my first discoveries was the unique quality of Turkish cotton.
Since this discovery, I don’t think I’ve made a single trip back home across the Atlantic without a large suitcase packed with bed linen, towels and Turkey’s famous woven cotton blankets.

For many years, I suffered from severe shoulder and neck problems.
I finally succumbed to surgery, which, because it did not go quite to plan, left me in a constant state of low-grade pain. Each night I would struggle to get comfortable, but restorative sleep seemed unobtainable.

A year later, at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, I underwent a corrective procedure.I returned to Istanbul with a prescription for quite an intense course of Physical Therapy. My surgeon recommended a physical therapist who had worked with HSS and had recently returned to Istanbul to open his own practice.

In addition to daily physical therapy, Hakan taught me about the therapeutic benefits of proper sleep.
What I’d always felt intuitively, was confirmed.
One of the things he taught me was that pillows are as important as the mattress and the bed linens.

That’s when Jonela was born.
Bed linens.
Everything you need for a precious night’s sleep.

With Hakan as a special consultant, Jonela has designed a range of pillows in a wide variety of sizes, materials, densities and firmness.
Combined with a range of superb bed linens, to provide a customized sleeping experience according to each person’s own unique physical needs and preferences.

The Jonelaization process begins through home or showroom visits.

I truly believe that while sleep in essential to life, restorative sleep is precious.

Sally Topcuoglu